In the fast-paced world of networking, technology is constantly evolving to meet demands from business for greater bandwidth….
These are 5 Technolgies of networking:-
1)Networking with IP v6.0
2)DWDM (dense wavelength division multiplex)
3)Power over LAN
4)802.11g Wireless LAN
5)Networking over power lines
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2G, 3G, 4G Technologies 

  • RF Survey
  • MW Survey
  • EMF Survey
  • Site Survey
  • Drive Test

-RF and MW Technologies include RF and MW surveys, MW planning, RF and MW audits.



In 4G:- E-node B migration

other NON OUTAGE Activity

PAPU Shifting & OSS migration activity

4T4R & Parameters changes activity etc on LNCEL

MME migration

particularly in 3G activity:-

IUR Addition

IUCS Addtion

 IUPS Addtion
 WBTS rehoming
 SIte Creation
 3G Site Creation via XML & RE-hosting too;
 POP shifting
 SGSN & MSS migration
 NODE-B upgrade
 CD Upgrade
 Parameter changes
 Power upgrade etc
 IPNB Creation & Addtion too
 MIMO Configuration in 4G